“So excited to release the latest installment of our Mixtape series! December sucks, and you can keep your White Winter Hymnal songs and Patchouli incense, because this month, we’re featuring the ecstasy driven floor thumpers the world round! We’ve done our introspection, it’s time to move; soak in the love and close this bastard of a year out with movement and vigor for a new year.”

Featuring: Merz, Snowmine, Monte Booker, Jewellers, Stabil Elite, Ela Minus, Rook, Mutemath, Le Tarsier, Go March, Sensible Soccers, Ariel Kalma, Dans Dans, Suzanne Kraft, Party Nails, and Clockopera.

// Featuring music from: NYC, Brooklyn, Chicago, Paris, New Orleans, United Kingdom, Portugal, Los Angeles, New Port, Belgium, and London. //