“We were on tour, and we’d had this idea for a while to have a space to be able to play and live in. We got back to Brooklyn and walked around everywhere looking at signs on windows. We finally saw that one, called, and two hours later the guy met us there. He took us up and it was the creepiest place… Alex and I looked at each other, we’d had this idea of naming something The Market Hotel from one of our songs, and at the same time we were like: ‘THIS is The Market Hotel!’ Creepy as it was, the space happened to sound extremely good because of its triangular floor plan. The band, Todd P., Joe Ahearn from Showpaper/Sleep When Dead NYC, and many others invested their time and efforts into making the place a very successful “unofficial” venue. Market Hotel has quickly become a pivotal space in the Williamsburg/Bushwick music scene. While the So So Glos don’t put on most of the shows there, (our) interest in the scene and desire to create and maintain a community shows through (the) attitude and music.” – Zach Staggers