“You definitely lose a lot of perspective. We were in the thick of You Can’t Take It With You for so long, I know there were a couple of different times while we were writing the record where I said, ‘I don’t know anything about this record anymore.’ ‘I can’t tell if any of this is good.’ You feel like you’re completely lost. But there’s always moments of clarity while doing it that bring everything else into the light. It’s an interesting process. It’s always growing, and you get done with every record and every EP and you say, ‘We’re totally going to do it differently this time. We’re totally going to figure it out.’ And every time that you step into the next project of the band, you’re starting from scratch again. Nothing from the past makes any sense; it’s completely new again. Even though you do learn from your mistakes and you think you’re bringing something new to the table, with every record, there are always these unforeseen obstacles that show up that you never in a million years would have thought would be there.” – Dan Nigro