“When our own need us we step up. It’s what New Yorkers have always done and we’re reposting this on behalf of Silent Barn to help get the word out to inform people how they can help after their recent fire. Donate what you can.” – Nadeem G. Salaam founder of Elevtrtrax  Click Here to donate now

“Deep thanks from Silent Barn for your consideration in the aftermath of this emergency. In the past few days, we have felt so much love from you, our community, who remind us how much we love being a multipurpose space for music, art, and gatherings. We are more dedicated than ever to put people first, and in order to do that, we will remain as transparent as possible about our donation requests. Here is more information about how and why we are requesting assistance:

The Residents’ lost belongings

“At this moment, money donations are dedicated to support the replacement of belongings for the residents who lost everything they own. Some items were irreplaceable or a hassle, like a very special violin, and a passport with travel documentation. Other than those precious items, we will help them replace everything possible. Health and beauty aids such as glasses, toothpaste, deodorant, and other necessities like clothing, shoes, jackets, bedding, and furniture are currently itemized.
We are also seeking donations or in-kind donations for a Macbook Pro, a 27″ monitor, and a Samsung Galaxy cell phone. We do have detailed lists of items that will remain private, and if you are able or interested in granting a full amount to cover all expenses, please reach out to Hillary Reeves at hillaryjoreeves@gmail.com for more information. “

Lost Income

“Beyond the replacement of lost belongings, your donations will allow us to cover lost shows revenue for the month of October, which is our busiest month. Because we are not collecting rent from residents during the renovation, and will not be hosting nightly shows that help us with overhead expenses, we are seeking a range of $15,000 and $20,000 to ensure that we hold on to our lease.
We do not know the time frame for getting our space up and running again, so the amounts requested are our very best estimations for the next few weeks. We hope to have our space open again very soon, and we will keep you updated here and on social media with our progress. Thank you again for all the support!”

Watch the year in 2014

Silent Barn is collectively run by 70 volunteer “chefs”(or department leaders), and functions on the generosity and time commitment of donors and volunteers. Silent Barn is also home to 15 working groups38 stewdios and 14 artists in residence. The community has rapidly expanded since Silent Barn’s inception just under 2 years ago, and continues to expand and improve moving forward.”

“Silent Barn hosted 40 shows per month, attracting 6500 visitors. In addition to hosting shows, Silent Barn is also a community space where the younger and older generations can convene and use the space to suit their needs. An example of this is youth hip-hop program “Educated Little Monsters” (or “ELM”), who use the space to practice and perform.



“We are hoping to significantly improve our show experiences, expand our physical space for stewdios and artists, and reach out to new audiences with art programs. Our audiences are all-ages, from teens to seniors to everyone in between, and we are a community space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Silent Barn’s financial model is based on autonomous, multilateral decision-making and curation. A special thank you to our community of supporters and those who gave to the Silent Barn Holiday Fundraiser!”
“Santa Claus” and 20 anonymous elves, Evans Wohlforth, Kunal Gupta, Drew McDowall, Jakob Trollback, Brandon Zwagerman, Brian Brennan, Control Synthesizers & Electronic Device, Hillary Livingston, Marina O’Brien, Nicholas Croft, Patty Conway, Rachel Petersman, Ryan Walsh, Bob Reich, Ari Zeiguer, Heather Corcoran, Jessi Frick, Ad Hoc (adhoc.fm), Sarah Halpern, Stacie Plassche, Joe Plourde, Tristan Perich, Haley Duffy, Laura Blosser, Maia Murphy, Lyndsey Albertson, Justin Oren.”

Silent Barn is located at 603 Bushwick Ave, New York, NY 11206