10547992_743000325736052_2484081115905598114_otumblr_nvt9k9Oqa41tm5wc8o1_1280“This just in. A Brooklyn indie band made a song and it isn’t derivative drivel. (I would not try to say that twice on even a good day.) So take “Never Be The Same” by SRID, their latest single released this week, features more wonderful guitar riffs that sound as far away as they possibly can, without losing this rich double-guitar effect that the band has managed to keep across the few list of singles they have released over the year. It really does make me want to tell these guys to make a record, i’d buy it, and that The Record isn’t dead—at least not for bands like this. The range they could explore in my mind, would be wonderful—as a fellow gear and tone aficionado, I applaud their consistency to this multi-layered engulfing vibe that never gets muddy nor repetitive. The drums really shine on this track, from a placement perspective; the sixteenth note high-hat pattern adds a jolt of uneasy hypertension to what could have been a pretty and otherwise easy and straight forward song. For what it’s worth I still like previously released “Anymore” a lot, (not that NBTS isn’t anything less than a damn great song.)


Ahem, before I beckon you to check out this band immediately, because they are playing like 10 CMJ shows and they’d love to see you there i’m sure, let me continue, what I really dig about Surf Rock Is Dead is that they aren’t quite past or current. Sure, there’s something about the tunes indicative of music that you’d hear surrounding Robert Smith, or that they follow some kinship to bands like Wild Nothing, but I really have come to appreciate the tones that are morphing into their special little mark on the audio world. When they add subtle dual harmonies like on “Equinox” and the bass guitar juts out and the drums have this post-punk attitude I really see the glimmer of what they do. Now here’s my march to the moment that I simply ask you, to get off your ass and see them live. Netflix can wait.”


Support: https://soundcloud.com/surfrockisdead/tracks

Official: http://www.surfrockisdead.com