“I’m looking at you, but it’s only a picture, so I take that back—but it ain’t really a picture, it’s just an image on a screen…” are the lyrics Kurt Vile sings on the closing track of his new album, b’lieve i’m going down…  While they are probably, literally, merely a summary of the events of the night he was writing this song, in that special way that Kurt has, his often simple (and arguably mundane) lyrics become an anthem of the everyman.  So many of us have experienced those lonely nights digitally flipping through pictures of the ones you love, the ones you’ve lost, or the ones you desire.  It’s an existential struggle of the internet age, where so much of life can be “experienced” without really experiencing it at all.  Like so many times before, Kurt’s ability to tap into the voice in your head unlocks layers of meaning for the listener, when in reality, all he might really be saying is “I saw a picture you posted on Facebook”.

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