Girls In AirportsMigration

220153_213793991972753_4959637_o“Not quite what you’re thinking here, there are no women in sight, and airports? Well, maybe they’re onto something with that one, Ok! Woah! Instrumentals that are primal enough to kick you in the ass! Listen to “Friends and Allies” and try not to throw your body onto your living room floor and bust out your wicked cool moves, (hopefully you’re in your living room.) Denmark’s GIA, are a superhero team of jazz musicians that have clearly absorbed a many of styles and seasoned them into this majestic stew of melodic, reverberant, smokey, mathy, and untethered jazz numbers—It’s unabashed, it’s sly and invokes a classic elegance to a modern feel. This is the type of record I leave on to enjoy while i’m enjoying nothing at all in particular. At moments it seeps into your consciousness like a Darjeeling tea satchel sitting in warm water, take “Need a Light,” or on another track like “Water Snake,” the music turns its best samba summer-filled night into the present listening experience irregardless of your current where or what season. The saxophone is like a good story—like all their songs—the instruments say so much if you give yourself, allow yourself the indulgence, to stop, and hear what they are saying, go all you weary, be content with Girls in Airports.”