“Coming off a North American Tour with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Teen Men have treaded the indie working class battle field with class to boot. Their self-titled debut album features a great song I quickly latched onto, number two on the track-list, “Adventure Kids,” launches right off the mark with a groovy sixteenth-note pattern, distant synths follow, before a grounded kick and drum pattern lay the heart-pace for the songs foundation. We then get our first taste of a vocal, singing this introduction, “Yea, I lost my train of thought.” The subtle contrast, this, humble uncertainty of life’s convictions found in Teen Men’s lyrics is imbued with wanderlust. It’s what I’d like to say is a part of their charm. Music and lyrics that convey their own emotionality and can easily co-exist and be measured by their own is worth, is totally pointing out. I can see myself moving to their music live and on a few passes find all the messages and questions laid out by the lyrical content coming up to me from another world inside their melodic world, it navigates terrestrial-human-emotion and because the music covers so much ground, they make one feel like every question is like an embarkment to the moon. Teen Men make moon-tunes, there, I said it.”

Support: http://www.teenmenmusic.com



Teen Men are playing at Blackbear Bar with Tiiidal and The Suits on 10/03/15 and it’s an Elevtrtrax featured event on our DoNYC calendar! Tickets are selling fast be sure to pick one up!