10995798_819887021394406_1861698041651549361_n“Gabriella Chavez is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey that resonates so warmly in the heart. It’s almost too in tune with my inner murmur that the quiet calm of fall and winter seem most appropriate—though her lyrics are like the diary of a person who dreams a bit much, loves, and wants more than a present location can bring a thing such as the desires of the soul. Lead singer Gabriella Chavez and drummer/backup vocalist Charlie Sztyk blend their voices harmoniously, high and low notes mingling together. While i’m featuring her earlier work here and as the trax of the day, the collaborative ep she released this month is available on her bandcamp. Her earlier work still catches my imagination and the entire catalogue of EP’s is worth more than a few reflective listens. Take a trip, pack a backpack, fall is coming and you’ll want her music by your side. After, tell her how it was at The Bowery Electric September 16th.”