“We’ve got some exciting news today! A few week ago, thanks to the lovely people at DoNYC, we announced our partnership and joined the amazing cohort of blogs, booking agencies, and management companies, as a fellow Taste Maker on DoNYC’s budding, all encapsulating view of the NYC music scene. Listed on their list of site partners, we were granted access to our own selected top event listing choices. You can now also view our calendar from the top of our page in the tool bar area, as it is an integrated part of our site, you’ll see our DoNYC powered calendar and list of events, so bands that are featured here, can now also be featured on DoNYC via our Taste Maker Profile right integrated into our site! One more great reason to sign up for a free account at DoNYC and another great reason to have your music featured here at Elevtrtrax.”