11148437_1588261671433396_8300655387355350155_o“Brooklyn tribal-indie outfit Oracle Room feature the music of Alex Nelson; Brooklyn based songwriter/vocalist with Zach Fisher, Justin Gonzales, Nathan Finney, Joe Sucato, Ian Milliken, and Sabrina Cunningham. I am absolutely a huge fan of the intricate pocket drum & bass section playing juxtaposed with the reserve of the vocals. It really stamps a huge non-trend tag to Oracle Room’s “genre,” when a bunch of talented female vocals together spell one thing, I-N-D-I-E P-O-P. Oracle Room have one goal in my mind; energy. It’s felt, now you feel it and for a moment you suspend time together. It shines some hope on the magic that happens in the ether to me, that the ether still favors the artists, (or that the artist still know they shouldn’t be, writing material) but rather borrowing every last lyric, bass-line, and drum thump-thump, and dap,-dap, dap, from the heavens themselves.

If you take a writer, take musicians that are feeling and not necessarily drawing in influences in intellectual hogwash, take a vocal unbridled; the ether gladly pours some of its once-and-a-while magic nectar into the minds and ears of artists, Oracle Room are bathing in that stuff.”

Purchase: // Friday, September 4, 2015 -> Live: Cameo Gallery with Teletextile & Belle Mare 8PM