“Both Nona Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount have a distinctive and unassuming vocal style that’s fascinating in the context of their music. This pair forms the core of the band Dark Dark Dark. Spanning a fanbase from extensive tours across Europe and North America; Jonathan Kaiser (The Blackthorns, Painted Saints), Todd Chandler (who created the movie “Flood” with Dark Dark Dark and the band Fall Harbor), Walt McClements (Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship?, Panorama Jazz Band), and Brett Bullion (Tarton) are other gifted musicians that are part of the Dark Dark Dark line up, each joining the band on the road or in the studio at various times while others veer off on different projects. This band is rooted in the surprisingly (?) creative Minneapolis music scene, but they also have deep connections to New Orleans and New York. Check out this upcoming act and be sure to purchase their record.”

Purchase: http://brightbrightbright.com

Bandcamp: https://darkdarkdark.bandcamp.com/album/wild-go