10997728_840519542671979_5286262811162969869_n“Every once and a while I hear more than words, see more than experience, become enraptured through the auditory discipline of an artist; Jenny Hval is that artist. Her work is like purified water, both conceptually and musically, it’s like a window that shows more about the viewer than the artist within the house. But what exactly permeates her polyphonic artistry can be carved out by her subject matter; spinning displays to refute the patriarchy of past and present. When we think of all the doors that have opened for artists in recent years, you think of how many can be so silent about the ceilings yet to be dismounted and discarded, simply because of a self-monitored PC social-media culture that has permeated the creative mind into avoiding anything that could potentially be seen as subversive to a label suitor or basically, “corporate” buyer.

So on one hand, yes, Jenny’s work delves into curious, faintly recognizable lines of delay and beautifying flowery synths, you can check off a list of sonic acrobats she may or may not be doing up in her head, but, if I am to be so bold, say, that her sacrifice of ego and public persona to an arresting commentary on social regression only lends to the brilliance of all performing artists–what is capable despite if it may be palpable–and in turn, the minds and ears of all those that consume music daily as an afterthought.”