a2536208716_10“Mimes, fairies, and freeways, and movement, are just some of the cognitive imageries new comers Revival Jam have manifested into their new track titled, “Sunshine House.” (Some of the many wonderfully spliced images cast in their video for the aforementioned track is worth a mention on its own; adding to the richness the song creates, and the link being here.)

“Sunshine House” is soaked with 90′s nostalgia, when you learn the group is from the New Paltz area, you kinda smile knowing what a bike ride in the woods during fall is like there. If you don’t, maybe you’ll want to go and find your own slice of sunshine in a, Revival Jams sort of way. Revival Jams join a slow-budding cohort of talented indie-acts from the Purchase area, joining the pool of bands to gain traction lately like Adult Mom and Diet Cig. Frontman/songwriter Andrew Wolfson’s dance between modern indie-pop and early 90’s guitar driven rock always seems to land in the right place, never too far into the past to be nostalgic, never too current to fall in the dream-pop trend currently running amok. In “Sunshine house,” you’ll feel the rays every time Wolfson recites the hook, “All i’ve ever wanted was you and i’ve been looking for some sunshine,” all through out the song while accents stop the song entirely, (that really push the yearning factor in a song that would otherwise be just as pleasant in its long-form) a pleasant 5:22mins. All in all, the track and subsequent album to follow make me really excited to hear this amalgamation of sunshine, for the hint of a promise of music to drive to and things to ask myself on the road. Revival Jams and their single “Sunshine House” will be released on the album, Ask Again Later, available digitally on August 29th, 2015. Cassettes will be available in the fall via Boom Boy Records. “

Vist: https://revivaljam.bandcamp.com