1360623194“Have you ever desired nothing else but the movement of your soul, but your synapsis—that silly body—couldn’t even light a spark? How about if you felt as if you’ve swallowed an ocean in your dreams to find your hair drenched in the morning as you taste salt? “Dirty Snacks For Vivace”, is a journey of these psycho-emotional-spiritual tapestries. Created by California based composer Mark Clifford, his work features years of an undertaking on various instruments. A chief feature being the vibraphone—and while the vibraphone and his drumming patterns interlock with the piano serving as a foundation—they are all held together by the thin elongated sounds of the organ and violins on “Vivance”, casting a scene like pure hoarfrost.

Clifford has built a music career modestly via an academic-to-creator journey through his work, recently basing compositional interval structures on the ratio of vertebrae in human spines; his work is truly deserving of film rights and more long form soundtracks that would spellbound languidly.

Where many of the pitfalls of “all degree” and no heart inhibit and ultimately regress the arch of the composer and of the work of many of our young college grads, (and then there’s the folk who go for their Doctorates…) it holds no currency here, just 21grams in the life after education.

With just the weight of his soul, Mark Clifford has developed out of a rebellion against a washing of creative power to a much greater (and richer) paradigm. The paradigm of the human heart. His pieces are vibrant and curious and I can’t think of a better way to describe a condition such as, the human condition.”

Purchase: http://www.markcliffordmusic.com/