“Last June, Relatives played a show at Sycamore with several of our songs arranged for an additional four female singers as well as a couple of string players. The show was such a blast and we enjoyed spending time around so many lovely, talented, dedicated people that we decided to film/record a live performance of a new-ish song, Prodigal Son, with the arrangement we used in June. We cooked up a brunch of pancakes, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts for everybody, did a couple of run-through’s and then recorded this video. Katie had just moved into a new apartment so the front room was pretty much completely empty. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday and we are hoping to do more videos of a similar make in the future – so keep your respective ears to the ground!

This song as well as five others are going to be on a forthcoming EP scheduled to be released in the spring. We are trying to raise money to finish recording it and are doing so by asking people to pre-order it. If you’re interested in pre-ordering it you can send an email to relativestheband@gmail.com for now and in the near future we will have a way to do it on our blog via Paypals… more info to come!

Thanks for listening! And a big, huge, heartfelt thanks to Sasha Arutyunova, Ari Zeiguer, Rebekah Durham, Stephanie Leke, Amy Reeder, Carah Naseem, and Jacob Blumberg for lending their time and talents.”