CMJ Live at Bowery Ballroom featuring Local Natives a set on flickr

“Solid Gold was probably the best opener of the night, although each band edged just a tad stylistically off each other, that could say each was amazing in their own little niche. But SG was my personal favorite of the night, they seemed more experienced, their sound was so magnetic you could tell. I personally loved their use of harmonies, the lead guitarist wearing Weezer type glasses had an amazing voice that peering out a lot in the mix, he also did ambiance musically correct. Using a line-6 delay with different time signature patterns to play in accordance with the groove of the music laid out by their blessed drummer! That guy was on fire, I don’t think his head was ever not moving. Can’t say they really sound like a particular band, they have energy that has been used in essence from bands like Minus The Bear and Interpol but the singer sounding like someone from the 80’s created this timelessness. He uses a lot of falsetto and yet has a piercing scream.”

Notables: The glitches, not sure what they were using but at many points the samples and noises came from everywhere! By the second tune, they broke into a reggae grove section surprising me with high pitches crying synth solos and skiddish guitar coming through all the reverb like a chamber-shotgun. This band loves using Rickenbacker guitars and fender jazz masters.