“Kate Earl is surprisingly from Alaska! Probably the last place you’d expect soulful music. But she has a special ease of comfort in this area, god has given this women a great voice! Her backing band was well supported by a great rhythm guitarist, which I feel like don’t get enough credit simply because people are looking for that crazy soloist. But since her band played without a drummer, his impeccable timing glued them to the R&B “under-swagger” of Kate Earl’s music. (yes I just coined that, it’s to me the subliminal happenings of sex appeal in one’s music)

I can see her opening for Taylor Swift, but gaining more respect with an older crowd like Cat Power, although she could easily have a haven in a Colbie Caillat area too. The mix of pop done masterfully gives her lots of wiggle room to get out there with. Specifically, there’s an innocence to her music with a unique mastering of soulfulness that comes through her while layered over relatable-themes. It’s warm, I remember leaning over to some of the many independent bloggers that swarmed to this one-of-kind CMJ event, asking “where is the fireplace? There should totally be a fireplace”.

Notable’s: Lead guitarist, not for his playing, but his use of slide, added a hair of a blue’s vibe in the key moments to gel it together. They did really well with the element of two guitars and multiple harmonies, they made the elements work in their favor. They also covered ‘Little Black Submarines’ by The Black Keys… Well.

You guys win