Hi, I’m Nadeem Ahmed. I’ve spent the last few years soul searching. People have a general sense of me to be a bit of a dreamer type. But really? There are people I can count on my hands (hands that do work) that can reflect these dreams. So I wanted to change that.. I wanted to find a way to bring people together. People like me, who also have dreams while drinking their teas, or silently bending into shapes to take peculiar pictures, and other mutually shared oddities.

I am convinced we will put a smile on someone’s face with this street corner show I have put together. June 21st is the longest day of the year. This is something that fascinates me because nature itself gives us a day of light(life) that lingers. A day that illumination longs to linger for us. So why not celebrate this momentous occasion?

I am convinced lives will change when they see the rag-tag group of artists, poets, painters, and friendly human-beings engaging, performing, creating. So where will you be? June 21st at 4pm at the cross roads of Houston and Bowery? Will you be there to see how these musings are coming to life?

Get out of the subways and into the streets… This Summer is ours to remember with light.